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Thank you for supporting my work. I was raised in Barrie, Ontario, and I've had the good fortune to live at Vancouver's Pacific coast, in Calgary with a view of the Rockies, and in the Niagara region of Ontario. I've fulfilled a long-time dream in publishing my novels, with my sixteenth book available online or ordered through bookstores in most global markets, distributed by Ingram.

In the late nineties, I began researching my ten-generation historical fiction, Homage: Chronicles of a Habitant. In research in France, I stood one day in awe at the entrance of the Castle of Dissay, built in 1484, a fortress familiar to those in the early generations of this book. I hope that readers of Homage will see both lands as I have seen them, to understand experiences of those that traveled from France to New France. I have become more sensitive to early cultural encounters between the French, British, Native and Americans in New France.

The Thomas York Series will see its sixth book in 2021, a thriller series with locations from upstate New York to Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Napa Valley and back to Paris. For every book, I visited the cities of my protagonists. Watch for Versailles Masquerade in spring 2021.  

In 2018, I introduced a new, lighthearted mystery series, Inspector Furnace Mysteries, written in an old-fashioned whodunit format, with the scoundrels and culprits in plain sight, and the crimes to be solved by the characters themselves. The second book in the series was released in 2020. 

In 2020, Boy from Saint-Malo was published, a fantasy novel of a lad living in the hometown of Jacques Cartier, with the dream to become a mariner and sail with the famous explorer.

For me, Christmas has always been a time for nostalgia, and my annual Christmas novels are important to me and have become popular favorites at my Christmas book signings.

Shirley Burton


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